IT Training – Why to look into IT?

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IT Training – Why to look into IT?


The theme of IT training has been covered by a previous article, discussing why it is important as a tool to empower Emerging Markets such as the African countries. However, the most important benefit of learning IT is the personal development, which has become a major concern of businesses, realizing that an academic qualified employee is a more efficient employee.


Nowadays, any IT knowledge is useful, mostly seen as guaranteed added value to a curriculum, as well as a door opener to a wider job market.

There are many trends for IT training searching these days, and one of them is AI knowledge. Artificial intelligence is a focus of almost every respected technology company, and as such their employees are expected to have the education to work in that area. Programmers and computer engineers are becoming AI experts, improving their skills by getting proper education on Machine Learning. Businesses are not only developing AI related products but are also using them into departments such as sales & marketing or HR & Finance. By getting user education within Enterprises and SMBs, AI it is becoming essential to understand the inner workings of machine learning, efficient collaboration and high level production standards. Against to what common people says, AI won’t remove jobs, instead, it will bring a whole new game into societies where having high level education in technology will be the key to success into obsolete task and job functions, empowering the worker into more creative and free jobs, where actually production tasks, running manually computer files, gathering data will become more efficient, the eager to learn will dramatically increase and repetitive tasks as factory labour, preventing and predict accidents into automotive industry will be erase, as well human error in healthcare will be reduced to minimal layers, thanks to machine learning! Long Live AI & Machine Learning!


With an automated work environment, the efficiency is already peaking, every employee is working side by side with some digital AI assistant, and so the next step would be to protect that work environment from external threats. Cybersecurity has been another major focus when it comes to education in the workplace (you can explore more about this road, here). When it comes to cybersecurity, the advantage of being more protected in your workspace isn’t the only first place benefit. IT training in cybersecurity has been a focus of so many people because brings major benefits for a career improvement and the opportunity even to upgrade in the area. The range of job opportunities all around the world in Cybersecurity diverse fields of action, the growing requirements of those opportunities and also the high level certifications provided by the businesses who sell those services combining with the personal improvement that cybersecurity knowledge is allowing students or employees going further into their lives and careers. Many skills asked at a cybersecurity course looks into developing or improving firewalls softwares lacks of security and system hardening, many others look into social media safety awareness, prevention technics and tools to overcome threats.


IT Hardware Network knowledge is still a valued area of expertise into technology business, crucial in every business, since 80% of today’s businesses are based in Hardware and Software infrastructures. As businesses moves into social media and cloud computing platforms, there are demanding’s for employees to take most advantage out of these platforms, requiring equally the skills to do so. Businesses are focusing their IT training on these handful areas, where network education is part of where there is still and high demand for jobs makes employees turning their attention into IT Training. Moreover, learning IT Network Training benefit is, as in many other IT training courses, the accessibility and flexibility to attend these courses. A lot of people avoid attending  technological or digital courses due to a busy life or lack of time to attend these courses locally. This was more than two decade ago! Times are changing supersonically fast, and since last decade may academies are providing e-learning courses, home courses or post-working courses, so hey! No excuses! Another obstacle for people moving into these courses is the belief that in technology area business are related to maths or engineering, and majority of people have the education gaps from public education, which was governmental programs more exhaustive and not giving the right importance to technology, instead, giving always more importance to time line market job opportunities into medicine or law school. In reality, these courses are accessible to anyone with a practical knack for computers and technological know-how. Times changes, new job opportunities are rising and learning IT is a powerful tool for the future, that is TODAY.


As times changes, the use of a computer has become daily and quotidian, it is no longer a rare sight to see somebody write impossibly fast on a keyboard and it is more and more common to know someone who has the skills to fix a computer.


However, the technical knowledge required to be of use into technology companies is much more demanding and many companies require legit certification or an attendance diploma, even though it is easy to do the job.


There is an increase need have this certifications and training is fundamental for the job market, which is being flooded with NEW IT opportunities, turning other areas totally obsoletes, instantaneously disappearing from online posting HR and Enterprises websites. Many companies provide internal courses available to those who wish to upgrade their career inside their department, and other companies are having experts to give training to people, empower them to look for these new opportunities. Education is fundamental since millennials ago, but together, Tech knowledge and training are essential for all of us so the easiness to acquire it turns all excuses null and void.


In colaboration with our IT Training partners, ATEC and Digital Skills, we provide a high level of IT skills!

Reach us to find more about learning IT and how we contribute to break this challenges wth our courses.



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Social PR Evangelist

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