Solar Energy

Focused on the development of systems capable of harnessing solar energy, we are providing trough our manufacturers: autonomous street lighting; autonomous electric pump infrastructures for water collection and agriculture irrigation systems and autonomous energy solutions. We are able to deliver solutions that add value and suit the needs of emerging markets and the demands of daily African challenges. Find our sustainable solutions for street lighting and water capture for crops and populations.

Autonomous Street Lighting

Valled products rely on cutting-edge technology when it comes to solar energy, lamps, energy storage and support structures for installation processes, with inviolable and anti-theft mechanisms developed by the company. With experience in building and installing their own products, Valled is capable of developing mechanisms and technology that allow a more efficient and faster installation of light poles, anywhere in the world.

Vplus Solutions

V+ systems are all-in-one solutions for energy collection and storage, applicable in several contexts, from industries to households. Autonomous solar-powered electric pumps for water collection and irrigation, energy production solutions for energy autonomy or for selling to a power grid and roof structures for exterior car parks, capable of autonomously collecting solar radiation and light are some examples of systems already developed and in place.

Assembly of luminaires

Thanks to our research and development center, we constantly improve our solutions, enabling the development of customized services. The Sun Evo team has expertise in Sustainable Solutions for autonomous solar public lighting, making the electrical system autonomous or reinforcing public service, local assembly of luminaries – with option to exchange the old grid ones into new LED technology: low consumption; maximum performance and durability.

Project & Design

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Selling proposition

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Sustainable solutions/procurement book

Local training

Training and certification for working teams.

Case studies

We are experts in emerging market challenges, we want to bring sustainable & autonomous solutions to empower communities and productivity.

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