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By building the right business relations and promoting the best from different vendors, we bring value to our customers. Connecting people, projects and innovative ideas, bring to us the unique feeling that tomorrow is worth. We are always enthusiastic for partners that work with passion and dedication. We believe that bringing together players from different fields will maximize that value, helping us and our customers to achieve competitive advantages.

Join us with your ideas so together we can enrich the business values and resolve our customers’ outcomes.


SoftLayer, an IBM Company, operates a global cloud infrastructure platform built for Internet scale. With 100,000 devices under management, 13 data centers in the United States, Asia, and Europe and a global footprint of network points of presence, SoftLayer provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service to leading-edge customers ranging from Web startups to global enterprises. SoftLayer’s modular architecture provides unparalleled performance and control, with a full-featured API and sophisticated automation controlling a flexible unified platform that seamlessly spans physical and virtual devices, and a worldwide network for secure, low-latency communications.


Hdiv Security is a leading provider of security software for real-time, self-protected applications, being the first company worldwide to offer protection against security bugs and design flaws from SDLC. Since 2008, Hdiv have been pioneering self-protection software and today, integrates with leading commercial software providers. The company is privately held and headquartered in San Sebastián (Spain) and complies with standards set by European and North American cyber security agencies, enabling more secure software instead of creating more security software. Hdiv delivers holistic, all-in-one solutions that protect applications from the inside while simplifying implementation across a range of environments.


After over 20 years developing and implementing world-class IT security solutions, Kaspersky Lab is recognized for delivering protection that goes far beyond just anti-virus to help safeguard businesses and government organizations against some of the most sophisticated threats and cybercrime attacks. Throughout the years – as the threat landscape has become increasingly dangerous – Kaspersky Lab has continued to develop innovative security that helps the world to stay safe with a unique combination of products and services that can help to prevent attacks, detect new threats, predict future attacks and respond to live incidents.


Fortinet vision has been to deliver broad, truly integrated, high-performance security across the IT infrastructure.


“We provide top-rated network and content security, as well as secure access products that share intelligence and work together to form a cooperative fabric. Our unique security fabric combines Security Processors, an intuitive operating system, and applied threat intelligence to give you proven security, exceptional performance, and better visibility and control–while providing easier administration. Our flagship enterprise firewall platform, FortiGate, is available in a wide range of sizes and form factors to fit any environment and provides a broad array of next-generation security and networking functions.” Complementary products can be deployed with a FortiGate to enable a simplified, end-to-end security infrastructure covering:


Network security | Multi-Cloud security | Web Application SecurityEmail security | Advanced Threat Protection | Secure Unified AccessEndpoint security | Management and Analytics


Their market position and solution effectiveness have been widely validated by industry analysts, independent testing labs, business organizations, and media outlets worldwide. The company is proud to count the majority of Fortune 500 companies among our satisfied customers. Fortinet is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with offices around the globe. Founded in 2000 by Ken Xie, the visionary founder and former president and CEO of NetScreen, Fortinet is led by a strong management team with deep experience in networking and security.

PDAs M3 Mobile

M3Mobile is the global leader in the design and build of high quality handheld computers for businesses who need to manage their data on the move. Established in 2000, M3Mobile is a company with expertise in the enterprise mobile business that has studied for over 18 years. As the most important system in all creatures to maintain vitality, one can say it is fast and accurate communications and share of information between cells, so that the body can detect and react to both internal and external environment changes. It should not be a unilateral order not bi-directional communication. Such communication will keep the entire organization healthy. Like the cells in a healthy body, each member of M3 is communication experts.

M3 offer an industry-leading comprehensive service-package, M3 Service Package to ensure seamless coverage for your entire business. M3 Service Package program’s deliver the high levels of productivity, device reliability, and uptime. M3 Service Package is available in limited countries with standard pricing and quality.

“Speed is power” symbolizes M3Mobile willingness to expand into ruggedized handheld mobile device.

Libelium logo

In a technological market where the demand for professional solutions is increasingly challenging, Libelium is focusing on a strategic shift to offer complete IoT technology VALUE PROPOSITIONS specialized in vertical applications and tailoring IoT projects to improve competitiveness for industries, agriculture & smart cities.

Focused on the development of systems capable of harnessing solar energy, Valled manufactures: Solar poles off grid for public street lighting, autonomous electric solar-pump infrastructures for water collection and agriculture irrigation systems and autonomous energy solutions.

Digital Skills Consulting

As members of NATO under MNCD E&T (Multinational Cyber Defense Education and Training Project), DigitalSkills emerged, focused primarily on the area of consulting and auditing information systems as well as secure data management and cybersecurity training. The company continuously launches cybersecurity solutions on the market that helps companies to increase their cyber resilience and protect their assets, systems, data and professionals.

From conducting automated penetration tests; tracking and protecting organization’s sensitive data; improving the log in systems with biometric access controls; protecting corporate assets and systems by installing electronic certificates; protecting mobile devices and all IoT devices; to advanced cyber security train programs, DigitalSkills have fundamental solutions to increase the cybersecurity of your company.

Next Wave

Palo Alto Networks is the global cybersecurity leader, known for always challenging the security status quo. Their mission is to protect our way of life in the digital age by preventing successful cyberattacks. This has given them the privilege of safely enabling tens of thousands of organizations and their customers. Their pioneering Security Operating Platform safeguards your digital transformation with continuous innovation that combines the latest breakthroughs in security, automation, and analytics. By delivering you a true platform and empowering a growing ecosystem of change-makers like them, Palo Alto Networks provides you highly effective and innovative cybersecurity across clouds, networks, and mobile devices. Around the world, customers love Palo Alto Networks security, consistently awarding them the highest loyalty ratings and net promoter scores in the industry.

ATEC Academia de Formação

The ATEC-Association IT industry training, also known as training Academy, is a non-profit association formed in December 2003 as promoters Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Siemens, Bosch and the C.C.I.L.A. (or AHK-Luso Chamber of Commerce and industry-German). The strategic guidelines of ATEC focus fundamentally on the development and perfecting of skills through the training and qualification of people, using advanced methods and equipment. In addition, it permanently strives to improve the training quality, improving the qualification of its trainers as a crucial element that demands special and reinforced attention. ATEC has a reach of national level. Its headquarters are situated in the Volkswagen Autoeuropa Suppliers’ Park, in Palmela, Quinta do Anjo, with a delegation in Oporto in the facilities of Siemens in Freixieiro.

NubianPRO Doctor+ is a fast & efficient on demand health service WEB Platform & App. Easy for patients with reduced mobility for no delays in treatment, no more hassles, no more mix-up’s reports/prescriptions, no more loss of data and unnecessary costs. Their powerful evaluation system provides health services connecting health professsionals and patients, under the quoting “Time is Life”.

Stone Soup Tech is a private company specializing in innovative and complex software projects that integrate Artificial Intelligence, big data, web and desktop solutions and native mobile applications. Our team consists of over 60 people, out of which 50 developers, including PhD researchers. Since our inception we have offered integrated solutions to some of the most demanding clients. We boast a global portfolio, with major clients all around North America, Australia, Europe and Africa.

Logo of African Investments

African Investments Group has over a period of 4 decades operating exclusively in Africa built one of the most important business and investment networks in Africa. Our team mobilizes business, trade and investment into and with Africa. We have managed an African national stock exchange, Africa’s largest equity investment fund, established many companies in Africa and invested across all regions of Africa. We combine our dominant digital business with running many of Africa’s most important business, trade and investment events, including AFSIC – Investing in Africa, perhaps Africa’s most important investment event. The key to our success has been the vast network of business leaders, dealmakers and investors that we have built over many decades.

DICOS Incubator provide comprehensive and rigorous training programs focusing on essential vocational, job-readiness skills, and etiquette. Our training encompasses entrepreneurship and the entire entrepreneurial process. Additionally, we empower local farmers, especially rural women, by establishing savings and credit cooperatives to finance small-scale income-generating activities and foster micro-enterprises in rural communities.

Netxtudio offers an integrated product (hardware & software) to private or public entities providing services through mobile devices or the internet, including healthcare. They advise and sell this product to such entities, providing administrative, financial, economic, and management guidance to both legal and natural persons. They also engage in property management, including patents, trademarks, and other activities.

Established in 1993 under Tanzanian laws, the Tanzania Institute of Bankers (TIOB) promotes the banking profession by providing professional education and skill development for bank staff, improving banking and financial services.


Educational Initiatives Private Limited (Ei) is a pioneering and dynamic organization committed to driving transformative advancements in education. With a steadfast dedication to enhancing learning experiences, Ei leverages innovative approaches, cutting-edge technology, and evidence-based insights to elevate educational outcomes across diverse contexts. Established in 2001, Ei has evolved into a prominent force in the realm of education, engaging in a spectrum of initiatives that span research, assessments, personalized learning tools, and systemic enhancements.


Ei’s mission is underscored by a resolute focus on fostering equitable access to education, particularly through the integration of educational technology (Ed-Tech). As a testament to its global impact, Ei has undertaken a plethora of projects across Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, partnering with governments, civil society organizations, and educational institutions to effect positive change.

These efforts have culminated in tangible benefits for over 15 million students, with a portfolio of more than 80 projects and 40 comprehensive studies published and our Personalized Adaptive Learning tool Mindspark is available in 16 languages.

Future-oriented and innovative, Ethos Asset supports associates and clients in navigating changing markets to achieve long-term goals confidently. Evolving from IHNCAM Advisory, it now trades exclusively with accumulated resources, comprising seven investment companies across the globe.

Technology is still Magic, even if you know how it’s done! - Terry Pratchett

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