New Generation PDAs

Assuming our business diversity, we introduce you M3 Mobile latest generation mobile terminals (PDAs) solutions. Leading the way with humanism, M3 Mobile World Class PDA Manufacture and Sun Evo strongly position on values for speed & communication commitment, covering major local needs, connecting people and enterprises everywhere, with the latest technology innovation.

Emerging Markets Official Distributor M3 Mobile
Premium Enterprise Mobile Solutions with fast data-processing devices for AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) Solutions to maximize your business, upgrade reliability, quality and gaining venue. Expect a fast technical support with many products options that can be used in many type of industries.

Speed is Power

Speed is Power

Compact, fashionable and with a rugged, reliable performance, M3 Mobile computers allow auto data collection through barcode scanning, RFID tag reading, NFC Communication modules and photographing and real time, wireless data transmission. Based on Android and Windows Mobile OS.

Management Efficiency

Management Efficiency

The tough, durable and smart PDA every efficient business needs. The right product to help rapidly realize business mobility, enhance management efficiency and obtain a higher return on investment. All the right information at the right time and the right place.

Customer Value Chain

Customer Value Chain

Sun Evo and M3 Mobile bring together a valuable experience in automatic identification and wireless communication technology with world class industrial design. A combination of fast delivery shipments worldwide, warranties and full technical support at the sharpest prices.

Flagship Model

Durable, Frost-Free Product


  Auto Defogging Technology with A.I. Algorithm

  IP67 Sealing (Dust/Water/2.0m-Drop Proof)

  Keypad (28/35/53 Keys + Function Keys)

  Long-Range (max.15m) / Angled (25”) Scan Available

  5-Inch FHD LCD (1920 x 1080)

  Octa-Core CPU

  Fast-Charging / Hot Swap Battery

Scan-Intensive Product


  Selective Touch (Glove/ Wet/Finger touch)

  30+ Types of accessories

  5-Inch FHD LCD (1920X 1080)

  Octa-Core CPU

  Fast-Charging / Hot Swap Battery

Slim Design Product


  Light Weight (260g)

  Reasonable Price with Quad-Core CPU

  Removable Battery

  Physical Keys (SL10: 4 Front Keys / SL10K: Alpha Numeric Key)

  Data-only / LTE type available


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  • Android OS
  • Windows OS

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