Network Solutions

Sun Evo believes that every client should have an optimized solution offer in order to make the best choice for their Infrastructure projects. Therefore, we offer Refurbished comparison with same specifications requested, cutting the budget in more than half. Creating a sustainable choice, we not only bring added value to the configuration, we are also environmentally friendly, being time and cost effective to suit the best solution on demanding needs and consciously decide for a reliable network solution.

IT Refurbished.


Time changes, means resources optimization. On this Segment, Sun Evo is enthusiastic by giving our clients an option for cut by half on time and cost. With our Refurbished Program, we allow our client to have all the Technology they need for their infrastructure projects on a very accessible way. Sun Evo deals with all Distribution, Suppliers and Logistics in EMEA where our main commitment is to bring to our clients great opportunities. Either if it’s a spare for your SLA’s, or even an equipment that suddenly became EOS by the manufacture, Sun-Evo takes the challenge to get it and deliver it within 48h. With discounts that go up to 90% of list price (GPL) and one year standard warranty, we bring advantages for our clients.

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Our Refurbishment Program

Reusing with Quality

Our process makes a product available for reuse through part removal, upgrades and replacements, and testing. The warranty that is issued covers the entire product. For most tech companies, the refurbished product may not be brought to the latest OEM specification, or some smaller defects (such as a lower battery capacity) are not addressed as long as these do not have major impact on the use of the product. In these cases the products are ‘refurbished’ and bring the product back to at least production quality.

Our Remanufacturing Program

Guaranteeing original performance

We are compromised to return used, nonfunctional, discarded or traded-in product “to at least its original performance with a warranty that is equivalent, or better than, the newly manufactured product.” The process requires detailed and comprehensive disassembly and reassembly resulting in a “like new” product, both cosmetically and functionally. It may incorporate upgrades to reflect improvements that have occurred since the product was originally made. Components used for remanufacturing may be either new or harvested.

Material Efficiency Standards

Respecting European Efficiency Standards

Announced in the European Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan in 2017, work is underway by the European Standardization Organizations on a suite of standards and technical reports that will for the first time define and set out test methodologies for a number of resource efficiency concepts including: durability, reparability, upgradability, reuse, ability to remanufacture, the recyclability and recoverability of components and materials; and, the proportion of recycled material content in a product. The work includes the development of a common methodology to declare the presence of critical raw materials in a product and the means to communicate the resource efficiency characteristics of a product. Once concluded, the standards will be used to set product specific requirements under eco-design regulations.

Sun Evo participates and provides environmental sensitive actions as well in study cases, mainly focus on the waste situation, on the benefit of their right management and post value. Bringing the right infrastructure is our main focus but looking deepest at the environment and life quality from a medium-long term is very important to us as well. Therefore, being Green IT it is crucial and vital for each country in development.

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A-Brand Hardware Reseller.


Sun Evo Tech brings together to you the A-Brands’ know-how. Each of our Selected Manufactures’ are redirected to make it happen on your today’s projects as well as on your pursuits for tomorrow effectively. Sun Evo offers A-Brand discounts up to 70% on new equipment, for new implementing projects and fast tracking shipments worldwide from next business day to 5 working days. Our network solutions are trusted by the strongest partners.

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Depending on your specific situation, we send you our best proposal after accurately understand your needs. Each project is unique, therefore we tailor made all our proposals.
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