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Wireless Solutions and Cloud Authentication system

Wireless and Cloud Authentication system – a Golden Window

Wireless networks allows short distance communications and makes possible data flowing over long distances for a high rate of users, serving as a great technological option without wires and cable’s needs. This technology comprises a few others - the most known is Wi-Fi....

tips to avoid phishing emails

10 tips to avoid Phishing Emails

Internet security is becoming increasingly important as we spend more time online than offline, and one of the biggest threats is phishing. There is a need to make our online tools safe to work with, as safe as we expect the real world to be....

Reasons to choose refurbished hardware

5 reasons to choose Refurbished Hardware

The environmental and green revolution of technologies had brought with it a trend when it comes to hardware disposal and acquisition, namely, refurbished hardware. Companies have begun to invest in their refurbishing techniques in order to extend the lifetime of most hardware and provide their...

8 keys choosing mobile enterprise computer

8 Keys to choose a reliable Mobile Enterprise Computer

In recent years there have been various technological innovations that have changed the world as we know it, one of them being the development of mobile technology and mobile computing. Everyone got a mobile phone, that eventually turned into a smartphone which in turn has...