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IT Training – Why to look into IT?

The most important benefit of IT Training is the personal development, which has become a major concern of businesses, realizing that an academic qualified employee is a more efficient employee. ...

You need a mobile computer - pda

Why you need a Mobile Computer (PDA)

A revolution has been happening concerning the portability of our devices, as they are getting smaller, more efficient and used in all sectors of human activity - one of the best examples of that are the mobile computers, also known as PDA’s....

Understanding Optical Fivber

Understanding Optical Fiber

Humanity evolution is running by the speed of light within last century, as well for how fast humans are currently communicating! Our today’s reality is thanks to innovations such as Fiber Optics!...

Captive Portal - Smart City

The “Captive” Portal to a Smart City

In the old days, when first arriving to a big city, one would buy a map and look for the tourist information helpdesk… but now, the first thing one does is to look for a magical Captive Portal to connect to the city’s network! Almost...