Sun Evo Fiber Optics

Based on more than 10 years of experience, we present our own coding database Sun Evo Fiber Optics developed uniquely by our highly skilled engineers. Sun Evo Fiber accessories are an independent compatible code to match any hardware or software vendor requirements. Only by working together we can all achieve success. Our team of engineers are supporting our customers to understand which compatibilities can be performed within the various number of vendors. Our fiber accessories cover more than 70 manufacturing brands, including over 20,000 items for the next technology decades. We supply compatible accessories for most Optical transceivers, QSFP/QSFP+ Cables, Patch cords and RAM, Flash and DIMM memories.


Each optical transceiver product consists of a hardware part, standardized by MSA (Multi Source Agreement) and all transceivers available are according to this standard. And surely a software part, where some vendors use standard software suggested by the MSA, others use special self-coding and make huge profit margins on top of the product. This means, all our transceivers are programmed according to the specific vendor requirements which won’t affect any software updates on the main product / equipment.

Manufacturing Costs.

The manufacturing costs for optical transceivers are almost the same for all the vendors, in spite of being Cisco, Juniper, HP, 3Com or Sunrise Evolution. None of these vendors manufacture optical transceivers entirely on their own. Our manufacturing line mirror vendor manufacturing line, means we have access to the same factories where these optical accessories are manufactured.


We offer Sun Evo 100% compatible Fiber Optics accessories for the following A-Brands: Huawei | F5 Networks | Fortinet | HP | TP Link | Arista | Juniper | Extreme Networks | Cisco | Brocade | Alcatel-Lucent.

Lifetime Warranty.

We offer to our clients Lifetime Warranty for all Sun Evo units.

Fiber Optics Acessories by Sun Evo

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