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Sun Evo endeavor on each and every direction to bring technological resources from mature markets, adding value to your business, community or institution. We are First-Class IT Sustainable Distributor, expert on Emerging Markets providing reliable solutions on the technology and communication fields. We believe that all challenges can be overcome. We are focused on the business outcomes rather than only solving issues. Fully committed with people, giving what we want to have in return: Trust, Efficiency, Fast Deliver and Reliable Business Relationships.

“It never existed before such a great inteligence, without a bit of madness.“ – Aristóteles

We build our sunrise with a positive and enthusiastic way which also reflects in the way we make business.

Sustainable development are strongly believed by us and our mission is to identify Emerging Markets overall lacks on their communities and by using the Technology tools available from mature markets, empower and implement the technology needs, educate and empower IT local Partners who are still struggling on the communication and processes barriers when dealing with the big names in the industry due to several layers of communication until obtaining an accurate solution for their real challenges.
Institutional Presentation

The fact we are experts in Emerging Markets, by removing these layers of disruptive communication, we provide a wide scope within our expertise, allied with latest technology to ensure communities life quality and higher standard levels in major ICT fields.

All markets should be given the opportunity of development on the right segment, with the right technology and the right people for it. We commit on our products, services and solutions to development for the prosperity.

Sunrise Evolution Technologies - Meet us

Sun Evo Attitude.

Our attitude is to bring most add value from all IT projects outcomes and overall demanding IT needs, offering in spite of project size or deadlines, IT infrastructure fastest shipping in worldwide NBD (Next Business Day), providing excellence in Services standards and the latest technology solutions for your business, community or Institution.

Real Challenges. Real Solutions.

We are committed to maximize your actual resources, being effectively fast responsive, helping mostly your team overcoming timelines and offering competitive A-Brand Manufactures distribution.

Expertise on Emerging Markets.

We work extensively on projects where maximal cultural know-how is demanded, which we consider crucial on our business philosophy. We possess high flexibility and an easy way to present customized solutions, facing current needs by understanding each client and its specific requirements. Distributing A-Brands for Network Equipment’s and with the collaboration from the sharpest Strategic Partners within EMEA, we complement the most important segments of IT offering tailor made solutions to each client.

Management Team

SUN EVO is a dynamic, strong mindset, attentive to detail, fun and passionate Millennials Team with more than a decade of experience in IT and who has developed their expertise on the Emerging Markets, working with dedication and high level qualifications to contribute for the success of your projects. We are always looking for embrace new challenges. Distributing A-brands, Top Services and latest Solutions within the IT industries from The Netherlands due to a wide facilities from Mature Markets, dealing with trustable  Partners, having the greatest alliances within the Industry, we provide first class sustainable IT. SUN EVO team possesses the cultural knowledge of doing business in emerging markets, which are the key to understand the major demands locally, positioning ourselves sharply as expertise in business and trade procedures, implementing real solutions in time and cost-effective way.

With the know-how of more than one decade we are together for the same purpose: bring equal opportunities into Emerging Markets.

Ingrid van der Vreede
Finance Director

#Cifers Strategist Officer Analytic mindset for the financial health and profitable long-term growth of the business

Thomas Krull
Purchase Director

#Rack&Roll purchasing specialist of strong character, combines IT sharpest know-how to deal with Distributors WW

Magda Jamal
Business Development Director

#Enthusiastic business driven passionate leader building long term business relationships based in respect and integrity

John Oak

#Super tech savvy expert in various technologies, helping you find the right solutions!

Katherine Pots
Marketing & Channel Department

#Creative integrator develops and implement partnerships successfully and trains partners with knowledge & MKT strategies

Fabio Canejo
Sun Evo Optics Rep / Cybersecurity Tech

#Experienced and capable cybersecurity penetration tester helping make sure your business stands strong!

Vishwak Sudhakar
Digital Marketing Specialist

#Experienced content creator and digital marketer helping keep our social battery always at 100%!

Santiago Hoyos Delgado
Channel & Sales Director LATAM & AFRICA

#Driving Growth Across Two Continents and Uniting LATAM and Africa for Success!

Joana Conceição
Wireless & CAS Specialist

#SuperMom WIFI expert, organized, efficient & customer care, understands main struggling’s related to wireless & Cloud

Daniel Esteves
Cybersecurity Consultant

#Experienced business consultant, world traveler & high standard ideals, CarpeDiem kind of guy who lives on cybersecurity edges

Sofia Bezugo
Senior Project Manager

#SuperMom expert in Solar and sustainable solutions that help you save more with less cost!

Inês Sanches
Cybersecurity Executive

#Cybersecurity executive focused on building a strong fortress for your business and having a good time!

Andreea Berndt

#Dedicated responsible administrative reports to directors & actively maintain energetic and fun team Mojo-UP

Laurent Pascaal
Logistic Department

#Coolest IT guy manages warehouse, keeps team UpToDate on RTI, shipment tracking, importing & exporting

Our Partners

Technology is still Magic, even if you know how it’s done! - Terry Pratchett

Depending on your specific situation, we send you our best proposal after accurately understand your needs. Each project is unique, therefore we tailor made all our proposals.