Hosting & Data Center

Our Clients are our priority and therefore, we are committed to promote suitable solutions for all IT Projects such as Hosting & Data Center. The possibility to host or to be referred to our Hosting partner will disclose you wider possibilities on your business. Not all clients need physical projects on site. Since times are changing also new requests are being pursuit. Whether you define your business worldwide, Dedicated or Cloud Hosting shall be your choice.

Sun-Evo relies on the top quality for Hosting and Data center Services to you.

Small and Medium Business Customized Solutions.


We offer Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Bare-Metal as an Optimized service. Sharped and scalable Solutions for e-commerce, e-marketing, Social Media. Depending on your specific situation, we send you our best proposal after accurately understand your needs. Each project is unique, therefore we tailor made all our proposals.

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Hosting and Data center

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