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A strong cybersecurity stance is a key defence against malicious cyber attacks. It’s imperative to understand the right cybersecurity measures are the only way to protect your organisation. Together with the most expert partners, Sun Evo Tech brings to our clients new innovative services. We are commited in empowering and protecting your business on its most reliable way, collaborating with leaders in cybersecurity solutions.

True Cybersecurity is preparing for what's next, not what was last... - Neil Rerup

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility: The more systems we secure, the more secure we all are. - Jeh Johnson

hdiv | Unified Application Security.

Hdiv Detection (IAST) – Interactive Application Security Testing
Detect vulnerabilities just browsing your application


Hdiv detects security bugs in source code before it is exploited, using a runtime dataflow technique to report the file and line number of the vulnerability. Reporting is immediate to developers during the development process either within the web browser or within a centralized web console.

Security Bugs detection
Hdiv Protection (RASP) – Runtime Application Self Protection
Protect your web applications, APIs, and microservices


Hdiv RASP enables applications to protect themselves during runtime. By building protection in during development, Hdiv RASP protects applications from the inside, keeping them secure wherever they go.

Hdiv Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)
Hdiv Verification – Burp Suite Extension
Improve the productivity of business logic flaws detection


Hdiv makes integration possible between the pen-testing tool (Burp Suite) and the application, communicating valuable information to the pen-tester. It avoids many hand-coded steps, focusing the attention and effort of pen-testers on the most vulnerable entry points.

Business Logic Flaws verification

Digital Skills.


Along with Digital Skills, we deliver cybersecurity solutions on the market, helping companies to increase their cyber resilience and protect assets, systems, data and professionals. From conducting automated penetration tests; tracking and protecting organization’s sensitive data; improving the log in systems with biometric access controls; protecting corporate assets and systems by installing electronic certificates; protecting mobile devices and all IoT devices; to advanced cyber security train programs, we offer you have fundamental solutions to increase the cybersecurity of your company.

Automated Penetration Tests by Pentera Pcysys

Automated Penetration Testing

We provide an Automated self-learning Penetration Testing Platform, modelling hackers’ thinking process into machine language. The software eliminates the need to perform these tests manually and decreases costs by creating effective virtual hacker opponent that constantly test the organizational infrastructure in new ways to find real exploitation and weak points to provide prioritized remediation options with meaningful reports and alerts, where everything is automatic and real-time. The solution correlates events based on concepts of “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” demonstrating the true impact for the business of the real vectors of attack.

Mitigation Cellular Cyber Risks on Connected devices by FirstPoint

Mitigation Cellular Cyber Risks on connected devices

Our FirstPoint solution offers the market’s first and only protection against fake cell towers (aka “IMSI catchers”) and other network vulnerabilities, blocking snooping of your devices’ voice, SMS, data, and location information, as well as preventing the insertion of malware, by anonymizing your device’s identity. This solution is designed to not require agents, without fail, protecting mobile devices at the level of the network provider itself since it analyzes the signal and does not allow any malicious access (available for networks from 2G to 5G). It does not cause latency or disruption of service.

| Solutions.

Kaspersky Lab’s deep threat intelligence and security expertise is constantly transforming into next generation security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the globe.

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Endpoint Security

With more of your business operations going digital, the need to protect every server, laptop and mobile device it's vital.

Threat Management and Defense

Discovering and mitigating the risks associated with advanced threats and targeted attacks.

Fraud Prevention

Proactive detection of cross-channel fraud in real time. Beat fraud and improve user experience!

SOC by Kaspersky

Centralized function for continuous threat monitoring and analysis, and for the mitigation and prevention of cybersecurity incidents

Blockchain Security

Blockchains also need protection. Ensure complex security for your blockchain application.

National Cybersecurity

Meeting the most stringent security requirements and ensuring supreme protection for highly critical infrastructures.

Industrial Cybersecurity

As threats targeting industrial infrastructure increase, choosing the right advisor and technology partner to secure your systems has never been more important.

Transportation Cybersecurity

Securing all areas of transportation IT infrastructure, internal and externally. Solving internal and external cybersecurity issues and addressing threats.

Cyberfeed & MPS.


Cyberfeed is a subscription based service that offers real-time, global Intelligence data-feeds, about security threats relevant to Enterprises and Service Providers, enabling to prevent live and upcoming attacks.


Cyberfeed can provide:

  • Augmented security monitoring data
  • World coverage of security threats
  • Adjusted response based on risk profile
  • Customizable feeds for context


It will allow security and to Risk Management teams to obtain an optimized stream on global events related to live and upcoming security threats.



Mail Protection System (MPS) is a high performance, scalable e-mail security platform (Appliances / VMs) designed from scratch to address the specific needs of Carriers, Service Providers and Enterprises. MPS’ multi-tenant architecture allows to offer, from its on-premises clusters, e-mail security SaaS solutions directly to end customers and/or via hosted resellers, therefore expanding its portfolio and its sales channel. Mainly, it will protect the ecosystem by ensuring legitimate e-mail receiving/delivering and by setting Anti-Botnet, Control and Quota management features. It ensures e-mail ecosystem fail-safe, increase productivity, reduces the cost of ownership with free SW version update. By enhancing service and offer a proven and accurate Anti-Spam /Anti-virus managed solution it allows the growth of channel revenues.

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