Africa Future House at Web Summit 19

Sun Evo Tech invited for Africa Future House at Web Summit 19

Africa Future House at Web Summit 19

Sun Evo Tech invited for Africa Future House at Web Summit 19!


November 8th, the last day of our incredible journey through Web Summit and we got astonished by invitation from Africa Future House to join a special night event, gathering with entrepreneurs, pioneers, politicians and stakeholders who are enhancing Africa’s Future!



Africa Future House / Summit

This insightful initiative was hosted by Forbes8, Africa Future Fund, and the Global Startup Ecosystem – the world’s largest Digital Accelerator in which our company got the incredible chance to be announced as one of the 3 Top Companies of Europe.







The Africa Future House pilot launch was announced at Web Summit 2019. During the program, we had the chance to hear guest speakers from the United Nations Global Compact, SAP, Google, IBM, Africa Future Fund providing insights regarding their personal careers, contribution, initiatives and connection to Africa as well as perspectives for Africa tech and business ecosystem of the past, present and future.



Einstein Africa Future House

We heard from Einstein Ntim, Africa Future Fund Partner, and Christine Ntim, Forbes30Under30 Entrepreneur and CMO of GSE, on a keynote or Africa Future Tour, surprising us with roundtable sessions where stakeholders had the opportunity to share their initiatives with each other and with our Business Development Director Magda Jamal, who brought more than a decade of experience deploying technology in African Markets.






Africa Future House Gathering

After the remarkable Web Summit conference, we couldn’t be more thankful to enroll with Africa Future House, being part of such a memorable initiative along with top entrepreneurs empowering Africa and the Diaspora with whom we had a lot of network and fun!






It has been grateful seeing more and more enthusiastic entrepreneurs opening the right doors for Africa and we are thrilled to see what the future brings us!



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