CTDI Technology Day 2019 – Spain

Joining CTDI Technology Day 2019 in Spain

CTDI Technology Day 2019 – Spain

We travelled to the heart of Spain to join CTDI Technology Day 2019!


Sun Evo Tech was invited by CTDI, to strength strategic collaboration for IT Refurbished, experiencing the latest technology in their service portfolio. CTDI is a highly trustable partner and supplier for full-service, global engineering, repair and logistics. Along with CTDI, we have been able to develop amazing IT projects, proving us with sharpest services solutions, especially for Africa projects!



CTDI Technololgy Day keynote


By October 24th, we had the opportunity to network on their technology marketplace, finding inspiring keynote speeches by CTDI CEO for Europe, Dieter Hollenbach and CTDI Managing director for Spain, Francisco Fernandéz, who embraced Sun Evo Tech meaningful alliance for developing their services into Emerging Markets.






We were delighted to be part of such an inspiring event that gathered under the same roof, many companies to experience CTDI’s latest technology on testing side and repair services: “in-house developed robotic test solutions and many other innovative platforms”. We headed to the end of this special day with a guided tour through the Engineering, Repair and Logistics Sectors allowing us to have a glance of their latest technology commitment, professionalism and dedication when related to repairing and logistics processes.



By collaborating with such reliable partners, we get the chance to enrich business values, being fully supported on most demanding tasks, achieving closely to perfection and making our customers truly satisfied!


Get access to our article “To Refurbish or not to refurbish – Network Hardware” to explore more about IT Refurbished!


We are thankful to CTDI to welcome us on this remarkable Madrid Technology Day!


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