8 Keys to choose a reliable Mobile Enterprise Computer

8 keys choosing mobile enterprise computer

8 Keys to choose a reliable Mobile Enterprise Computer


Mobile enterprise computers, also called PDAs, opened new horizons for business who need to get the right information at the right place and at the right time.


These powerful processors combine PC and scanning functions to develop the everyday tasks on the most various industries. After presenting the reasons why for getting a mobile enterprise computer, we now step into these 8 trends to guarantee you choose a reliable device.


In recent years there have been various technological innovations that have changed the world as we know it, one of them being the development of mobile technology and mobile computing. Everyone got a mobile phone, that eventually turned into a smartphone which in turn has begun to transform into a little computer you can carry in your little pocket. The communications industry is evolving rapidly, so does producers and vendors who are trying to keep up with that evolution.


The exponential development and acceleration of these technologies means that almost every week, if not every day, there are new and innovative products out at market by some company which forces competition to put their R&D teams working day and night to release an even better and more innovative product.


When trying to capture the evolution of mobile computing, these impactful key points are what you need to take into consideration:


#1 – Increase in demand


Nowadays, everyone has a mobile device, or more than one, in their pocket. In industries like retail or warehouse working, among others, it’s become essential to have a mobile enterprise computer at hand to perform almost every task. So, the demand for these products has increased exponentially, with a clear trend to keep increasing.

#2 – Size matters


Through the years after the big technological revolution of mobile devices, these have become smaller and smaller, encouraging everyone to have them in their pockets at all times. Even the PDA’s, which started out quite bulky have become more portable, it comes with rugged characteristics, with smaller or no keypad and bigger touchy screens instead. The need for a portable device it’s very actual, where more tasks can be efficiently done and more storage space is available.

#3 – Versatile VS Specialized


Although devices are becoming more versatile and users can do different tasks in all-in-one device, there is a remerging trend of a specialization and diversification of devices. On PDA’s, the user requests the need for a resistant device, fast responsive, efficient in its use and with a friendly user interface. This increases performance, quality within working tasks and the possibility to integrate all-in-one specific tasks.

#4 – Wireless mobility


The development of greater complexity and capable mobile devices, demands wireless networks to be more prepared to connect, to develop and be evolved. The development of 5G wireless networks boost a new focus today and being one of the most important developments in the last decade, pushes for PDA’s that are more robust, 5G, GPS and data compliance supported.


#5 – Internet of things


IoT is turning into famed focus of techological development across all areas of expertise and at mobile computers field isn’t any different. The interconnection of all kinds of devices and the instant communication between them is the efficiency development most users are looking for in PDA’s.


#6 – Software development


The ruggedness of mobile computers is related not only to the hardware but also to the software – and software developers are focusing into granting these devices efficiently and longing software capability. This competition also contributes to the mass of different products on the market and the challenge to figure out which is the best PDA for their company profile, task or even work filed group of individuals.


#7 –  Artificial Intelligence 


With the increase of tasks to which PDA’s are applied to do, AI develops a quick and sharpest way to perform most of them. Artificial intelligence is already one of the major focus of mobile PDAs manufactures, who are actively looking to implement more features and compatibilities to make the usage of machine learning, Algorithms and integration among diverse software’s.


#8 – Cloud storage


PDA’s users expect their mobile computers to process huge amounts of data, with complex information, so it brings the urgent need of having a secured, full space available storage capability. By usage of cloud storage, users gain more traction, insightful resources to store their important data, turning the physical storage obsolete.


As M3 Mobile Distributors, we offer a range of tough, durable and smart mobile enterprise computers (PDAs), built for every purpose and industries such as retail, transportation & logistics, food & beverages, outdoor sales, healthcare, construction, public sector, and field services.


By equipping your staff with the right tools, you actively contribute to raise their performance through their tasks, leading your business to a higher level.


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