Sun Evo at GITEX Africa Morocco 2023: Unleashing Innovation and Driving Progress

Sun Evo TechnologiesNews Sun Evo at GITEX Africa Morocco 2023: Unleashing Innovation and Driving Progress

Sun Evo at GITEX Africa Morocco 2023: Unleashing Innovation and Driving Progress

The thrilling start of GITEX Africa Morocco immersed us in a vibrant atmosphere filled with dynamic energy. The grand Inauguration, attended by remarkable leaders shaping Africa’s innovation landscape, inspired us to dream bigger and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Throughout the event, we actively participated in seminars hosted by industry giants like Kaspersky, etc, gaining invaluable insights into emerging technologies and emphasizing the importance of collaboration in driving progress within the tech industry.

The second day showcased the true spirit of global collaboration, with tech visionaries from around the world coming together to represent diverse countries and backgrounds. Engaging with fellow pioneers from various countries, including Benin, Senegal, Russia, the UAE, the USA, Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, France, Germany, and Morocco, highlighted the event’s international representation. The diverse lineup of exhibitors showcased cutting-edge innovations in AI, IoT, cybersecurity, and digital cities, setting a new benchmark for collaboration and paving the way for technological breakthroughs in Africa.

Inspiring Connections

The GITEX Africa Summit 2023 was a game-changing event for Sun Evo. We had the privilege of meeting influential industry figures who are shaping the future of technology. Among the remarkable individuals, we had connected with Soumaya Fares, an Agile Coach and digital transformation expert. Fares, also the President of JCI Casablanca for 2023, shared valuable insights on Agile methodologies. Rahel Boon-Dejene, an Impact Entrepreneur and Board Member at ADPC, offered exciting opportunities with her expertise in scaling up startups and corporate social responsibility.

We had also met Moses Omuetha, the Founder and CEO of a tech company, to explore potential partnerships and early-stage investments. Abdoulaye S. Doucouré, Head of ICT department – AFRIPOL at the African Union, discussed ICT initiatives in Africa and possibilities for collaboration. Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola, a leading cybersecurity influencer, shared insights on innovative cybersecurity solutions and potential synergies. Additionally, we had connected with Siham Khazzani El Amrani, the CEO of Sekera, to discuss impactful business strategies and potential collaborations.

We superbly welcome our most recent Partner into the Sun Evo Family, 3Gcom, who hits the 19th position on our African presence. Headed by Issam Qandoussi and led by their esteemed Sales Director, Noureddine Chikhaoui, 3Gcom is a leading services and consulting company in North Africa. They specialize in providing sustainable solutions to Morocco’s telecommunications and IT industry, further strengthening our commitment to delivering innovative and reliable services in the region.

We were also highly motivated after hearing that the Moroccan government, represented by Rabab Sayd, Head of the Promotion and Territorial Attractiveness Department, were highly interested in implementing our eco-friendly solutions, making this partnership even more significant. Sun Evo’s expertise in renewable energy integration and eco-friendly infrastructure perfectly aligns with Morocco’s sustainable development goals, and we are thrilled to work together to contribute to the country’s green initiatives. Together, we aim to revolutionize the industry, reduce carbon emissions, and create a greener future for Morocco.

The GITEX Africa Summit 2023 marked a milestone for Sun Evo, opening doors to transformative solutions and exciting prospects for growth and innovation.

Our attendance at GITEX Africa has brought in lots of new opportunities for growth and innovation and we have great things being prepared and can’t wait to share all of it to you!!

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