The Internet of Every Thing

The Internet of Every Thing

There are billions of devices currently connected to a network and to each other, all part of the Internet of Things(IOT).


The Internet of Things consists of various physical objects (things) connected to other devices and systems. These objects are embedded with sensors, software and other tech for the purpose of recording data and transmitting it.


All these devices and connections have transformed the way people use everyday objects. Nowadays, your house is connected to your phone, and your car is connected to your house. The coffee machine turns on when you turn off your alarm, and your fridge suggest a meal according to the FitBit on your wrist.


One might think it stops at the door, that the connections stop on your way out the house. The whole world is now connected by the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to wireless networks that are now city wide, captive portals and other wide ranging networks, you are rarely off the grid. Managing a municipality or an airport using Wi-Fi is now possible thanks to the connections made through IoT.



The Tech that Makes it Possible


The IoT has exponentially grown as time goes by. The obvious reasons are related to the increasing technological accessibility. Access to low-cost sensor technology has allowed manufacturers to integrate them in their products. Those products become then capable of registering information and sharing it.


Connectivity to the cloud is also improving, allowing that information to be stored safely. Cloud storage is becoming more commonly available, allowing businesses and consumers to access the infrastructure they need.


Machine learning has allowed recording the most varied data in the cloud, encompassing all kinds of analytics. Businesses can manage the usage of their products and services, data recorded by sensors and transmitted through different networks.



The world has changed


Manufacturing has become more efficient with sensors recording equipment accuracy and output levels. Cars have also transformed into almost self-sufficient machines, thanks to sensors that determine possible failures and alert the drivers before they happen.


The connections made possible by IoT not only allow businesses and manufacturers to know the state of their products and equipment, but also to keep their employees safe. Individual health management made possible by a wearable bracelet connected to one’s phone. Factories or other possible hazardous environments that can keep track of accidents or possible dangers related to their productions.


Most importantly, it must be mentioned that the actual structures of the world are becoming intertwined with IoT. A rising trend is the “Smart City”, the almost transformation of physical matter into data. Municipalities all over the world are starting to connect every single sector of their functionality through a network. Transports, utilities, police, city-wide free Wi-Fi, all features of a developed “Smart City” and all made possible by IoT.


Anyone trying to keep up with the times will need to upgrade their wireless technologies to connect to the Internet of Things!


Ready to boost your city to become “smart”?
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