Sustainability in your hand(held PDA)

Sustainability in your hand(held PDA)


The right way to become greener is by having sustainable tools. A handheld PDA turns any workplace into the most efficient version of itself. This transformation can happen either by cutting the usage of wasteful resources, like paper or energy through a tool, making it easier to invoke responsibility into industries, awaking them to become greener.


The paperwork behind logistics


Running a warehouse or any other kind of logistics department used to demand an enormous amount of paperwork in order to maintain their self organization and processes running. However, with the inception of technology innovation, that paperwork started to disappear as today’s reality is mainly digital. The implementation of inefficient software and hardware make it impossible to abandon analog completely. However, the development of PDA technology, be it hardware or software, brings unparalleled efficiency and, by proxy, sustainability. Every single piece of information in, for example, a supermarket is recorded in a central system and then available in every single handheld PDA used by the employees. Every barcode scan, along with the product’s details, is literally in the hand of the user. In the offices, gone is the endless amount of files holding lists, logs and alike. The trash bins are also much emptier, and the environment much healthier.


Disposing of waste needs efficiency too


One of the industries that benefits the environment most by becoming the most efficient possible is the waste management and recycling one. All over the world waste management companies have increasingly more to handle, and having the right equipment to do it is essential to avoid any kind of negligence. Most depots have hundreds of employees to manage, who in turn have numerous responsibilities and information to keep track of. Either it be tracking the intake and outtake of waste and recycling material in their warehouses or the management of places where there’s waste to be collected, a good handheld PDA with a high quality software is essential.

GPS features to keep track of the localization of waste collections turn that task almost effortless. Logistics software makes it possible to keep all the information organized, stored and instantly accessible. With this, delays in collection or processing of materials disappears, which in turn makes it easier for a greater amount of such materials to be processed and recycled. The easier the task, the more tasks you can do.



The longer it lasts, the less it’s in trash


Handheld PDA’s are becoming increasingly sturdier and rugged and as such are lasting longer. This means there is less and less waste of such products. Sustainability isn’t limited to what tasks a product can do for you, but also what you are doing for the environment by choosing the right product.

Nowadays, while looking at the hardware and software capabilities of any product, in this case a PDA, you should also look for how it was manufactured and how long it is predicted to last. Acquiring lasting equipment, or even in some cases refurbished, drastically reduces the amount of inoperable hardware lost in the environment. Fortunately, the companies responsible for processing that lost hardware are most likely using quality PDA’s and as such are efficient in their jobs.



Now share with us! Is your business efficient and sustainable at same time?


Are you looking into changing your current warehouse processes and turn them into digital, avoiding paper and having all in a centralized platform?


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