Open Education is powerful for future saviors

Open Education is powerful for future saviors


Enterprises are more conscious and looking to improve their footprint on the world and by cooperating with organizations that have that same goal they can make that difference. This attitude is commonly called “Corporate Social Responsibility” and besides environmental and climate changes generic actions, “United by the Sea”  is the committed to contribute with educational content about Ocean’s life and it’s challenges.



“United by the Sea” is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the prosperity of ocean life and the maintenance of the oceans and their sustainability. Their primary mission is to raise awareness to the various issues harming the oceans, to promote open education and open science community leading to that awareness.


To inform and educate


Nowadays it’s very important to choose the right channel to distribute information, especially when it concerns to something as important as the environment. Moreover, when the purpose is not only to inform but also to educate and possibly study, the way people perceive that information is fundamental.

Fortunately, “United by the Sea” is dedicated to create and produce video films and documentaries with the sole purpose of sharing knowledge with so many other people and organizations all around the world. The content will contain information directly from the source, meaning it will be transmitted by the experts on the field, investigating the issues in real time expeditions. In order to produce it with the best quality possible, “United by the Sea” is also supported and partnered with many institutions and corporations that make it possible.


How to complete the mission


Always having their number one mission in mind, “United by the Sea” focuses on film production and conscious awareness promotion. Regarding film production, this NGO nurtures partnerships with companies that may allow the highest quality of production possible in order to have the clearest transmission of knowledge possible. At the same time, “United by the Sea” leads campaigns designed according to the objectives of wider organizations like the UN, 2020 Oceans Conference and UNESCO. These sensitive campaigns have the same priorities of those big organizations, like the improvement of education, the reduction of plastic in the ocean’s and the maintenance of marine life, by fighting against sea level and temperature rising.


These campaigns are also directed to raise awareness about the possible uses of technology, which are ever improving, to investigate and study the ocean and to transmit that information via wireless in real time. With the improvement of altered and virtual reality and also 3D, the transmission of information is becoming more engaging than ever, and “United by the Sea” is making it a priority towards sharing content information.


With some film sessions already accomplished, “United by the Sea” has many others already planned for the nearby future. These sessions have as a focus debates about the main issues concerning oceanic life by accomplishing diving activities, video streams and events on expeditions, between boats and from those boats to land.


A lot of different organizations focus their attention on environmental issues, having very different approaches to solving them. One could conclude that betting on education and information about the issue, possibly creating many green jobs focusing on direct action in the field, is the proactive way of solving problems as serious as the ones concerning sea life. “United by the Sea” continues to organize expeditions, discussions and partnerships that will no doubt contribute greatly to raising awareness about those issues and eventually directly impacting positively on some of them.


Join us by sharing your ideas, resources and talents!





Katherine Pots

Channel & Marketing

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