New-generation Mobile Enterprise Solutions


Sun Evo assumes our business diversity market position and add to our portfolio M3 Mobile latest generation mobile terminals (PDAs) solutions.
Leading the way with the Humanism, M3 Mobile World Class PDA Manufacture and Sun Evo strongly position ourselves on our values for speed and communication commitment, covering major local needs, allowing technology innovation everywhere, connecting people and enterprises with the latest technology. Together, we aim to bring premium Enterprise Mobile Solutions to our customers, maximizing their business, upgrading reliability, quality and gaining venue by optimizing investment resources.

M3 Mobile computers are based on Android OS and Windows Mobile OS respectively. Featuring compact and fashion design, advanced configuration, rugged and reliable performance, M3 Mobile computers support automatic data collection via 1D/2D barcode scanning, RFID tag reading, infrared communication modules and photographing, and can transmit data in real time via various wireless communication modes. A fast-moving business can go wherever it needs to be with a PDA that’s tough, durable and smart. Getting the right information at the right place at the right time – from warehousing and construction to retail and healthcare- every business needs the right product, helping enterprises rapidly realize business mobility, enhancing their management efficiency and obtaining a higher return on investment.

Combining fast fast track delivery shipments worldwide, manufacture warranties, onsite and remote technical support and the sharpest prices, Sun Evo and M3 Mobile bring together more than usual supplying chain, but a valuable experience in automatic identification technology and wireless communication technology with world-class industrial design.

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