Green IT is Coming to Town

Green IT is Coming to Town

It’s almost Christmas Day so beside being only nice, it’s important to promote Sustainability and Green IT.



The environmental awareness by business owners side is now constantly called into action. As such, these people have become knights in the name of green solutions. When it comes to technology, that translates into Green IT.



Green IT, still not aware of?


Also known as Green Computing or Sustainable ICT, Green IT is the practice of environmentally sustainable IT. This includes design, manufacture, usage and even disposal of various technological products. Doing this in the most effective way possible and by ensuring least impact possible for the environment, is what Green IT is all about.


Today Business who choose to turn green not only reduces its environmental impact, but actually saves money. The ways in which you can practice green computing also reduce your expenses on equipment and energy. If you can save money while saving the world, what are  you waiting for? ?


The first step is for manufacturers to produce durable products that consume less energy and are built from less harmful materials. A lot of products are already covering the “less energy” part, which you’ll notice by the “ENERGY STAR” logo and sticker on many of your products.


However, the durability of those products is a feature only put into practice by a few manufacturers and vendors. Also, the materials used in production are, many of them, essential for the final products regardless of how harmful they are. This is where reliable and sustainable manufacturers and vendors take the next step: recycling and refurbishing.


IT recycling and refurbishing are two different sides of the same sustainable, environmentally aware coin. The recycling of IT systems keeps harmful materials from landfills and keeps many of those systems in use, reducing the impact of manufacture.


The refurbishing of IT equipment and then the re-selling of that equipment is an even greater way of reducing the environmental impact of a network. Not only refurbished equipment often presents the buyer with a more durable product, it also eliminates the waste consumption attached to new equipment. The emissions produced by the manufacture, transportation and usage of brand-new equipment is far greater of those produced by the process of refurbished hardware.


The final major step a manufacturer or vendor must take to turn its process into the most sustainable possible relates to logistics. From building, to selling and finally recycling, the logistics and transportation of buying IT equipment and building a network produces extensive waste. A lot of energy consumption and wasteful emissions of this process can be reduced and actually is being reduced by the right sustainable companies.



Technology Favors the “Greeners”


Green IT also motivates Tech Companies to build and sell their innovations for saving our Planet. Putting into action the principles of Green IT also demands some thought about the usage of the products being built and sold.


An increasing number of businesses are dedicating a major part of R&D to the development of technologies that will actively improve resource consumption in all possible directions. These technologies are built in the most green and sustainable ways applied to wasteful practices, in order to transform them.


Take as an example the multiple inefficient farming production around the world. The waste produced by un aware farmers and the excess of energy consumption demands the urgent implementation of smart-agriculture to turn farm productions highly efficient, with data collection through a compliant GDPR platform, which supports and reduces climate change footprint.


Only by sharing awareness from major Tech Industries efforts, “Smart-Farms” will be known widely and deployed faster. This recent push for sustainable development is the paragon of Green IT and its principles.


Green IT is nowadays one of the pillars of Corporate Responsibility. Fortunately, there are those that ferociously defend it like our Supersonic team. Reach us & will be happy to support, share knowledge and help you to choose the solution your business needs!





Supersonic Team




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