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AI Solutions

Following ‘s vision, our mission is to conduct companies to step into the new Digital Era successfully by providing them with AI-powered technology solutions! Implementing Deep QA Artificial Intelligence functionality of IBM Watson and Microsoft, our solutions leverage “bots” to drive engagement of internal and external stakeholders, ease B2B and B2C transactions and improving bottom-line performance.

 “Unleashing the power of AI to improve business performance and build a new era of business efficiency.”

Intelligent solutions to empower your company.


Automate + Optimize user engagement at scale!

Querlo AI

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AI Solutions





Lead Generation | Customer Service | Market Research | Event Management | Conversational Commerce | Influencer

Sales & Marketing

HR Bot | Finance Bot | Knowledge Transfer

HR & Finance

Education | Reputation Management | E-book/Engagement

Engagement & Education

Omnichannel Contact Center | Travel & Tourism | Public Services

Industry Verticals & Omnichannel Contact Center

Digital Transformation Strategy


Digital Product Launch (IBM) | Others (Tailored AI for specific applications and use cases)


Step into the future and begin your AI Journey!

AI has applications and use cases in almost every aspect of the business world! Don't know where to begin?