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Available 24/7 | Natural language understanding | Multiple languages including Chinese and Arabic | Analytics & Data Analysis


Support included. The Monthly fee covers Operation, Hosting, NLU Support, Bug Fixing and Application Support

Lead Generation

Increase the number of digital leads generated on a media asset such as a website or Facebook Page.

Our partners’s AI solution will help you generate leads that you will be able to collect at any time. With a lead generator available on your website operating 24/7, your support team can focus on the real complex issues. Let our lead generator create more engaging conversation experiences and handle your visitors’ simpler inquiries!

Basic Features

Ideal for a heavy investment on the digital presence to generate leads, especially Small and Medium Enterprise, both B2C and B2B.

Our lead generator is a winner when it comes to helping in a budget friendly way.

Customer Service

Handle customer’s inquiries regarding services and products, through a virtual agent capable of answering 24/7 in any language.

This is a solution ideal for companies who have a constant flow of customer inquiries and support coming in at any time and any language, seeking to improve the experience and reduce costs.


Basic Features

+ Set-Up: Starting from 200 USD. Monthly Fee starting from 300 USD.

According to IBM, up to 80% of routine customer service questions could be answered by a chatbot.
Save on customer service expenses with a very well customized and personal experience solution available 24/7. Gain insights from customers based on honest feedback.
AI Customer Service - Sales and Marketing

Market Research

Collect mass data on customer’s opinions, desires and reactions to a product or topic.

Increase company’s involvement with the community and improve the marketing strategy by collecting and interpreting customers’ data. Ideal for companies who lack customer feedback and insights or who aim to gain perspective on a marketing problem.


Basic Features

+ Set-Up: Starting from 500 USD one-time setup.

Customers appreciate having their voices heard,  and our solution
provides an engaging way of doing so, where data is automatically collected.

Additionally, the anonymity of using a chatbot will allow customers to speak freely.  Our team has experience in conducting marketing research by engaging users in a conversation, allowing the instant creation of a chatbot with no coding knowledge required.

AI Market Research - Sales and Marketing

Event Management

Improve attendees’ event experience & collect their feedback with a solution that provides relevant information before/during an event with quality data management.

For event hosts aiming to better engage their attendees, we create solutions that will provide information and FAQ about the event and will make it real to establish a strong presence amongst guests by making their experience more fun and engaging.


Basic Features

+ Set-Up: Starting from 5 USD.

AI Event Management - Sales and Marketing

Conversational Commerce

Improve customer experience, drive sales and decrease inquiries in call centers.

Ideal for companies who sell products and services online / e-commerce.

Taking customer experience to the next level with a solution available 24/7 that also allows companies to gain insights from customers based on honest feedback.


Basic Features

+ Set-Up: Starting from 10,00 USD for Set-Up. Monthly Fee starting from 1,000 USD.

AI Event Management - Sales and Marketing


Designed for influencers who aim to automate and digitize storytelling, receive feedback from their community and generate valuable business or individuals’ insights.

For individuals to keep their audience informed, establishing a unique digital presence and maintain strong CRM by privately engaging with customers, collecting their data and then making appropriate changes.


Basic Features

+ Plus (Allow customers to privately give feedback / speak freely). Set-Up: Starting from a FREE template available for 1 month. Monthly Fee starting from 100 USD.

AI Influencer - Sales and Marketing

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