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Industry Verticals & Omnichannel Contact Center

AI Solutions


Available 24/7 | Natural language understanding | Multiple languages including Chinese and Arabic | Analytics & Data Analysis


Support included. The Monthly fee covers Operation, Hosting, NLU Support, Bug Fixing and Application Support

Omnichannel Contact Center | Public Services

Provide a single communication channel that blends human interaction and AI in order to serve high level quality and cost effective customer experience.

An AI solution will provide added value and a superior experience to the customer. Ideal for SMEs, Corporate or Government organizations that need to engage with customers on a variety of channels providing high level customer experience and minimizing costs.

Basic Features

High level of reliability and performance in handling the interactions across email, chat and voice. Set-Up: Variable Fee (min 200 USD) and monthly fee starting at 100 USD/ month.

AI Industry Verticals and Ommichannel Contact Center- Omnichannel contact center

Travel and Tourism

Travel agencies are stepping into the digital age and improving the consumer experience.

Solutions that fit in large travel companies with huge customers database who need a close engagement. Redesign the customer experience with smart recommendations and automated purchasing processes such as pre-journey and at-journey, collecting user feedback & data to improve the system and offering a personalized journey.

Basic Features

+ Plus (Text analysis and custom speech. Provides analytics. AI recommendation. Integrated payment.) Set-up: Mandatory costs start around 60K, with the full range of investment for this project spanning between 260 and 950K. Costs can be provided only after the Full Project Requirement Phase is consolidated.

Travel Bot Solutions

A travel bot solution offers resourceful assistance to all type of customers who need to plan a trip and provides relevant information with an interactive service based on natural language while economizing processes.  Our solutions will enable companies to enhance their digital marketing presence, provide stronger customer experience and learn how to deliver a personalized and unique experience for the traveler.

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