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Available 24/7 | Natural language understanding | Multiple languages including Chinese and Arabic | Analytics & Data Analysis


Support included. The Monthly fee covers Operation, Hosting, NLU Support, Bug Fixing and Application Support

HR Bot | Finance Bot

Establish an easy and secure environment for employees to interact with HR system and obtain information using natural language.

Our platform helps companies meet the needs of their employees by making it faster and easier to get answers from the organization and providing them a helping hand through AI support. An available 24/7 AI solution will make their lives easier while boosting productivity. Companies will increase the amount of data and insights from employees and automate self-service tasks.

Basic Features

+ Plus (Allow customers to privately give feedback / speak freely). Set-Up: Starting from 20K USD. Monthly Fee starting from 5K USD.

A solution for HR departments looking to automate the approval and FAQ processes and get feedback from employees.

This Employee Experience will provide a conversational connection with the employee that does not require human intervention and can naturally leverage the information available in the HR systems and documents.

AI HR Bot Finance Bot - HR & Finance

Knowledge Transfer

A platform to share ideas and information easier and simpler!

Providing employees a platform to share ideas and information with a gamification factor to increase engagement and a seamless journey from platform onboarding to admin analytics.


Basic Features

+ Plus (Allow customers to privately give feedback / speak freely | Gamification Component). Set-Up: Starting from 10,00 USD. Monthly Fee starting from 1,000 USD. Monthly Fee starting from 1,000 USD.

This is a solution ideal for companies who want to encourage employee engagement, shorten the lengthy information retrieval process, incentivize users to better understand available company resources and use analytics to monitor department or individual’s contribution and level of activeness.
AI Knowledge Transfer - HR & Finance

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