Sun Evo participates and provides environmental sensitive actions as well in study cases, mainly focus on the waste situation, on the benefit of their right management and post value.


With the support of our environmental partner, the urban cleaning is a reality to become achievable to the countries where we provide infrastructure.

At Sun-Evo we care about the “Big Picture” as we understand the stage level on the region development. It’s important to have the right team looking at this. Please contact our Community Department, who is willing to bring into you all main information for this projects at community@sun-evo.com


Bringing the right infrastructure is our main focus but looking deepest at the environment and life quality from a medium-long term is very important to us as well. Therefore, Education and knowledge on that direction it is crucial and vital for each country in development. Resources are needed, qualified teams are needed and with all sides collaboration we want to make it happen. Our target is to provide real solutions at real time, reaching together people, governments and institutions.

More info soon or send email at community@sun-evo.com

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