We see few challenges in our current days, so our ambition is to share a real and effective solution. We investigate together with our partners all opportunities to give new Sunrises to children. Our non-profit projects are made to bring smiles, education and knowledge. We work close with governmental departments and other institutions to achieve those targets.

Because Children’s from today will become the men’s from tomorrow so all opportunities should be given. Please send us at the details of your Technologic Community Projects and we are willing to make them happen in your city or province.


Sun Evo is willing to bring the future for schools and other institutions. Therefore, we are committed to deploy locally the needed hardware infrastructure, accomplishing all safety with reliable programs, to ensure the development on the education level.

Giving the continuity of these projects, Sun Evo position itself as a unique link between the critical development of these projects and large IT solutions vendors, with a corporate responsability agenda. All together, we are willing to define better conditions for the children´s future, optimizing resources within great scalability.

Currently, Sun Evo is developing together with international institutions Social responsibility for this causes.

People4Change is a Foundation supporting local NGO´s in Africa and Asia by knowledge sharing. We connect social committed companies and professionals with local NGO´s. The programs are based on the both of best worlds principle; the NGO receives the desired expertise to further develop and strengthen their organization and projects and the professionals are getting a special  and unique experience which broadens their views. People4Change is maintaining a strong network of local NGOs and social enterprises in both Africa and Asia.

Interested in getting an estimate from Sun Evo?

Depending on your specific situation, we send you our best proposal after accurately understand your needs.
Each project is unique, therefore we tailor made all our proposals.